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Are your products handmade?

Yes! Each piece is made at our studio in Burlington, VT.

What's with the name "ditto historical"?

In the 18th century, the term "ditto" was used as an abbreviation to indicate the same or a repeat of something. It was often employed in written texts or documents to avoid unnecessary repetition.

For example, when an item or information needed to be repeated again in a ledger book, instead of writing it out again, the word "ditto" would be used to refer back to the previous instance. It was sometimes shortened even further to just "do".

Ditto historical is inspired by events that happened in the past. We use the word "ditto" in our name to represent more than just a mere replication of historical events, but to embody a thoughtful and intentional homage to the stories, struggles, triumphs, and cultural heritage of the past. It serves as a reminder that history is not merely a static record but a living, evolving source of inspiration and reflection.

What does "14k gold-filled" and ".925 sterling silver" hoops and ear wires mean?

At ditto historical, we believe in using the best ear wires for sensitive ears. No more cheap flaking jewelry that hurts! Many of our designs give you an option between .925 sterling silver and 14k gold-filled hoops.

Gold-filled is more durable and lasts longer than gold-plated materials. It's made by bonding a layer of 14-karat gold to a brass core using heat and pressure. This makes it more affordable than solid gold but still great for earrings that won't tarnish and can easily last a lifetime.

Sterling silver is real silver–there’s nothing fake about it. It is an alloy made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper or zinc. Sterling silver pieces are stamped with 925 to mark their authenticity. Just like 14k gold jewelry, silver must be made into an an alloy to be wearable. In the US, the ratio of silver to other metals in genuine sterling silver is regulated. Our sterling silver is made in the USA.

Are "niobium" ear wires hypoallergenic?

Niobium is one of the most hypoallergenic metals for sensitive ears. It is even used in medical devices and implants!

Niobium is a lustrous, gray metal with low toxicity and virtually no susceptibility to tarnish. Its unique properties as a reactive metal cause niobium to take on a controllable, repeatable range of colors when exposed to various voltages in an electrically charged bath, a process called anodization. The colors produced will not rust and cannot be rubbed off. We use black niobium ear wires for a number of our earrings.

Are your products nickel-free?

Yes! All metal that touches the skin is nickel-free. To learn more about the types of metal we use, see above.

Do you create custom jewelry?

We regularly work with museums, retailers, and event organizers to create custom jewelry. Reach out to sales@dittohistorical.com if you would like to discuss a custom item or line.

Where is my package?

All of our products are shipped within 2 business days to retail customers. For wholesalers, please go to our Faire page for our lead times and shipping policies.

When we ship, you should automatically receive an email giving you USPS tracking information. If you did not provide an email at check out, or have questions about where your package is, please reach out to info@dittohistorical.com and we will try to assist you.

How do you ship your items?

Ditto historical packages are shipped via USPS. You should receive a tracking number when it is shipped if you provided an email address at check out.

We can arrange to ship your items through other carriers, like FedEx or UPS if you prefer, however there will be an additional charge for shipping as it can cost a great deal more. Please contact info@dittohistorical.com before placing your order for a quote.

What if my package was stolen?

We ship our packages through USPS with tracking information. We are not responsible for stolen or misdelivered packages, so please ensure your address is correct and you have a safe place for packages to be left.  If your item has been marked as delivered by you don't have it, please contact your local post office. 

If you would like an alternative carrier to USPS, or would like to add a delivery signature requirement, please reach out to us before you order and we will provide you with an updated shipping quote.

If a package seems lost in transit, please reach out.

Help! I lost an earring

No worries! We can sell single replacements for many of our earrings. Reach out to info@dittohistorical.com.

Can I shop in person?

Ditto historical does not have a brick and mortar store. To see our current products, click on the SHOP button at the top of the page.