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No Stamp Act Earrings

No Stamp Act Earrings

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Hoop Style

Stamp out boring style with these bold Stamp Act earrings!

The Stamp Act, enacted by the British Parliament in 1765, imposed direct taxes on various documents and paper in the American colonies, including legal documents, newspapers, and playing cards. This act was met with vehement opposition by the colonists, who saw it as a violation of their rights to be taxed without their consent. The Stamp Act Crisis marked a turning point in colonial relations with Britain, highlighting the growing tensions and grievances that ultimately led to the American Revolution and the pursuit of independence.

Teapots featuring this design were produced in England for the American market after the repeal of the Stamp Act in 1766. Commodities like these symbolized the political and cultural significance of the Stamp Act Crisis, and demonstrated the interconnected economies of the American colonies and the British Isles.

These lightweight earrings include acrylic, maple veneer, and 14k gold-filled or .925 sterling silver hoops. 

This item is packaged in a beautiful black gift box with the original period imagery and historical information vetted by a museum curator. The box is perfect for gifting or storage!


Earring is approximately 5 cm high and weighs 5 grams (about the weight of a nickel).

Care Instructions

Safely store jewelry in a box or pouch. It is best not to sleep, swim, exercise, or shower while wearing.

Remove jewelry before applying perfume, lotions, or hair products, as these may damage some materials.

Gently clean with a soft cloth.

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